I'm Hani Hamzah

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Hi! Assalamualaikum semua. Feel free to visit my blog.


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In Shaa Allah. One fine day.

Still counting

From heart to.........

Hi life. First of all. I want to thanks my Lord, Allah. I still alive. 

One and half semester in Matriculation programme . Its a quite hard. Actually no hardness for those who really study and always prepare for tests, quizzes and so on. 

My first semester result was not outstanding performance at all. 3.** PNGK Embrassing. 

But Alhamdulillah. Still above the par. 

When i comes to talk about love, hmm lemme tell ya. For me, love is........ emm no comment. Haha. Its all about 39th months me and him. Hi world, we have been together for 3 years and 3 months this month. Hmm bad girl... i think i shall not counting the days. We fought, we make up. He's my best friend.. But............................ I feel so ashamed. Why? because........... this relationship will be more nicer if only if we have tie our bond. 

Hmm heyyyyy study first! _____| ..... To be continue